Gather.ly photography collective presents the first studio workshop for students and content from our photography group EXPOSURE

Last week we held the first Gather.ly Photography Workshop and it was great to see some familiar faces, alongside some new.

We worked with an awesome group of contemporary dancers - called the Uncollective, to explore the idea of capturing motion without movement.

The students got to chat to our Gather.ly photography collective and learn some new lighting techniques, test out new kit and work with movement.

We'll be putting together some of the shots from the night and kickstarting a Gather.ly Photography Zine...so keep your eyes peeled for this in the new year!

If you're a photography student and you'd love to be involved in the next events then join us here in our group on Gather.ly to be kept up to date with exciting opportunities.

TELL TALES | Photography Stories
Jon gives an insight into his field of travel photography and the benefit of learning to tell the story to accompany a photograph.

As a photographer who gets paid to shoot around the world, check out what he has to say about his shots and blogs from shooting his current hometown - London.

Get inspired here.

In the new year we'll be moving on to bigger, better photography projects so watch this space for more talented young photographers and their amazing work.

-In order of appearance images by: Holly Smith, Joe Earley, Jon Reid and Nicole Gomes.