Olivia Jobson, Fulk Hour 5

Inventions play a pretty big role in the industrial revolution.

They're so important because without inventions, we wouldn't have things that would make our life easier. We would have to live with one invention our whole life and that one invention could make life a lot harder than it has to be. But it could be easier with just one idea of improvement, but that one improvement won’t happen if there were no such thing of inventions. Without inventions, we would probably have to do everything by hand. That means laundry, dishes, cleaning, gardening, and transportation.

“There are so many things around us that we take for granted but make our lifestyle possible. For instance, could you imagine living a day without checking emails on your computer or walking around without your mobile phone?” That is true, some people today can’t even go a day without their mobile gadgets. So imagine having nothing in the industrial revolution that was considered “fun”. If your wanting to have a phone like, they would have to have made the outlet phone first. And then build up to the top with improvements and more inventions to add on to that phone to make it more easier to use.

Now, another invention that would fit perfectly in this discussion would be the cars we use today, now were on the topic of transportation. People back then used wagons that were pulled by animals, or if you didn't have a wagon, your feet would be your best friend. But if it wasn't for those ideas of making our transportation easier, we wouldn't have those Ford Fusions. And i guess for that, you would have to think the industrial revolution people for those smart ideas.

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