An Apple a day...

a cutting-edge, innovative, must-have product

Product: market-leader, first-movers, newest & latest technology

Price: Premium to convey & demand high quality products

Place: EVERYWHERE! - strong supplier power

Promotion: attacks competitors - advertisements compare apple to windows, advertise through stores carrying their products

Threats: Samsung, Windows, Google - newer technologies surpassing apple's?

Combat threats: provide a variation of products so large switching costs - products compliment each other

Tackk is the newest format to creatively share anything on the web.

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole.

Tackk about that bike you have for sale. Tackk about your engagement and your big day. Tackk about your band's upcoming gig. Tackk about your family vacation. You can Tackk about anything. You control the look and feel of your Tackk, who to share it with, and even how long it lives. So what are you waiting for?

Tackk it up!

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