Bird Tweet

Bird Tweet

This social media site is used for the latest updates about the mystical flying creatures that surround nature everyday. Birds. The flying beauties are important and to keep up with your favorite bird this site is perfect for you!  

How to Use and Features

Bird Tweet includes many features helping the user to customize their profile. To sign up for Bird Tweet you make an account with an email and and password. You then edit your profile to what you want. In the settings you have the ability to change the color of your background to almost any color. Also it allows you to change the name of your profile it could be anything you imagine except if it has profanity. Bird Tweet allows you to also be able to post tweets about your day and others who are following can see and like it and it and also re tweet it. They can also comment back or reply privately. People can also post pictures and the people can only view it if they are following you or looking at your profile. If you want privacy and only want people who are following to view it go to settings and click "make account private."

Friends and Liking

Friends are a way to be able to connect with friends and if you're following them you can keep up with there latest tweets. Liking is a main part of the social media site. You are able to like pictures, comments, and other people's profiles.

Pictures and Post

Pictures are posted and viewed by people you follow. If you click onto a picture it will open the picture and under the picture will be a button that enables you to comment, like, or flag the photo for being inappropriate. Posting pictures can be able to use when you press share a photo. You then are shown up to a screen that uses the camera and you don't have to use the camera you can access your photos and post pictures of things you had in your photos before.  

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