Shetland Ponies

The oldest breed of horse in Britain.

Originated from: Named after the islands where it originated, and the Shetland Islands, lying off the northern coast of Scotland, are mostly barren and have a harsh climate. For many centuries the Shetland Pony lived in the open, protected from the elements only by this thick hair, long mane, and forelocks.

characteristics:The Shetland is probably the strongest equine relative to its size, yet even the stallions are gentle and docile. The body of the British Shetland is full with short, muscular legs. It has substantial mane, forelock, and tail.  It stands on an average of 9.3 hands, and does not exceed 10.2 hands.

Color Markings:Coloring varies by the season. Many colors are seen in this breed, the most common being black and dark brown.

Uses:Shetlands are now mostly pets, but compete in weight-pulling events, are shown in halter classes, and put to small vehicles for driving.

popularity:The ponies is now one of the most popular ponies in the world.


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