USAID and Peace Corps starts program Let girls Learn

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama started the Let Girls Learn program also the USAID and the Peace Corps is also involved into the program as well.The USAID and the Peace Corp started the program to help girls around the world learn. The program has spreading around the world. The program starts anytime near this year,according to the article. Girls need an education because it gives them a chance to experience for them to learn something. The article says "Every girl or child is precious. Every girl is precious and they all deserve an education." Michelle Obama is traveling to Japan and Cambodia to talk about the education programs with Japanese prime ministers and Cambodians also with the peace corps volunteers.

Michelle Obama leading children to the world through education and schools throughout the world.

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2 years ago

I would contribute to helping a lot of women get through some of the things they need in order to go to college and that need awareness of whats going on to all of the women all over the world.