Lowland Gorilla

Kaden Drummer

Information about the Lowland Gorilla

Breeding: Female lowland gorilla does not produce many offspring becuse it cannot  usually give birth until 8 or 9. They go through pregnancy for nearly nine months. After birth the baby  is about 4 pounds so it  clings to its mother's back from four months up to five years by most. Food: Lowland Gorillas are herbivores so they eat mainly roots, shoots, fruit, wild celery, tree bark and pulp. Behavior: They have a reputation of being ferocious, and they rarely fight. The male is usually the group leader and if comes in contact with another he puts on a display of roaring and pounding of the chest. Did you know: That they dislike water so, rivers and streams present great obstacles and they are more related to humans than orangutans. They also communicate with each other through 20 distinct sounds from grunts to barks.

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