4 Types Of Speed


Constant Speed is when when you stay at a certain speed for an amount of time.

An is example would be a ca staying 60 miles per hour for a period of time.

Constant speed stays constant just like a cloud stays in the air.

constant speed

Variable Speed

Variable Speed is when speed is changing

An example is a car going 60 then to a complete stop

Variable speed keeps changing just like the weather.

variable speed

Average Speed

Average speed is the speed overall

An example would be a car going fifty miles per hour in 2 minutes also add 50 plus 50 then divide it by two to get the average speed

Average speed is like getting your overall grade average.

Average speed

Instantaneous Speed

Instantaneous speed is the speed that is at that specific minute.

An example would be a car going 20 miles per hour at 2:00 then 50 miles per hour at 2:05.

Instantaneous speed is like getting out of school at 3:00

Instantaneous speed

By Emily Jacobs