Digital Bill of Rights
by Isabella Stanley

Digital Access
Your participation in digital society

1. Not everyone has access online or the amount of time you get, they have more or less you need to respect the time you have.

2. Helping more people that don't have access to internet is good for your digital citizenship.

Digital Commerce
Buying and selling items online.

1. There is many things being sold and bought at all times, YOU need to know if the item you are buying is legit and legal.

2. When selling items make sure it is legal, and YOUR are using your access wisely.

Digital Communication
The information you are giving to someone or something.

1. To make sure the information your giving away is protecting YOU and not telling any personal information.

2. Respecting YOUR availability to communicate online for messaging, e-mail, etc.

Digital Literacy

Teaching and Learning about technology and use of it.

1. Teaching others how to have a good digital citizenship that can help them in life.

2.  Teaching others and YOU how to use technology correctly, and to be safe online.

Digital Etiquette

Recognize appropriate and inappropriate conduct.

1. Using correct language and following rules of an online site.

2. Using YOUR manners online and maybe helping others if they have a problem with that.

Digital Law

Taking Responsibility to Your actions online.

1. Accepting YOUR consequences to the decisions you make, good or bad.

2. Fixing YOUR bad decisions.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone's rights and responsibilities for online use.

1. YOU have a right to free speech, privacy, etc.

2. YOUR responsibilities online.

Digital Health and Wellness

Physical and Psychological wellness in the digital world

1. Limiting YOUR time online to prevent addiction.

2. Not spending so much time online, your eyes burn, your avoiding outdoors, etc.

Digital Security

Keeping YOUR personal info to YOURSELF and avoiding scams

1. When online make sure YOU are keeping your personal information to yourself and making sure it stays that way.

2. Be aware of what YOU are downloading, there are possibilities that YOU can download a virus.