Maya Rollerson

The outsiders/Heros journey Essay

Outsiders/Hero’s journey Maya Rollerson

5/5/14 5th period

In the book the outsiders a hero is not necessarily a super-hero with powers, it is just
a very nice and kind person. A hero can also be a person who takes risks and does the difficult things on there journey that no one else would do. Ponyboy Curtis “a greaser” from the 1960’s Tulsa,Oklahoma goes on a journey, but not to get his powers but, to show his friends the good side of being a greaser with the offering of his knowledge to the rest of the world. In the realistic fiction version of “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton, the main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a hero’s journey.

First he meets the socs and starts talking to one of the socs girlfriends, then he flirts and sits with
her and while they're walking home him and his friend cherry get pulled over by the rotten socs.

So, cherry goes with the socs.Later that night ponyboy and and johnny go out to the park and
meet the socs there, then suddenly a fight breaks out and as ponyboy gets knocked out johnny
kills the soc leader with a knife while the others run away. The next day they went out at night again to go look for Dally and when they found him he told them to go into a little hiding so the socs would not kill them, so they did.After a few days of staying in hiding and eating baloney Dally comes to get them and on there way heading back they see a burning school and ponyboy goes into action. Now, this is where the hero part comes in, see when Dally tells Ponyboy to come in the car he starts running after kids in the burning school and he just starts pulling kids out of the building, then Johnny comes to help but, then he gets stuck in the fire because he couldn't breath and the whole building comes falling onto him. The ambulance come then they see johnny nearly dead on his hospital bed. As johnny is talking to Ponyboy he says stay gold and see the sunset the words that ponyboy said to him as well. Those were his last words as he took his last breath, Ponyboy was devastated. The next day Dally ask if johnny was still alive, they looked at Dally they said no hes dead, Dally took a knife a knife and stab his bed with the knife getting all of his anger out.So, Ponyboy went to his house and told his big brother that Johnny had died in the hospital,Then they said ok now we are going to fight for johnny and beat them socs. And they did the next night and they won their fighting skills had paid off even though johnny said fighting was bad because you have to stay gold before he died.After they fought the socs Ponyboy was pretty beat up really bad,but then Ponyboy realized something that life is wonderful no matter what happens in life,even though his parents died he was doing pretty well taking care of himself at age 13 with his brothers at the time,he also realizes that you should care about things. And thats how he felt when johnny died, because he really cared about him. And, that is the heros journey of The Outsiders.

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