THE COLONY OF CISCO ISLAND (the party place)



Cisco would be a great place for  people who wish to prosper through the rural and fisher man business a nice hot  moist and humid climate  great for corn  corn and coasts for sugar cane . also  cisco would open a whole new way to import and export all kinds of goods with different countries .Cisco could also serve as a strategic advantange in war much pearl harbor in Hawaii .  Cisco also is a beutiful place and would pull in lots of tourists they would come for the beutiful beach scene .

What problems Cisco would face and how would we fix them.

becuase cisco is an island in what some would call rough waters cisco would fight of water natural disasters by

*raising the city 8ft

*and also a great sea wall  would cover or whole east side

cisco would need alot of m,oney to start of as a colony  

*we are prepared to start of slow and slowly bulid to become a great colony

*cisco would would start of fishing and farming to gain money all we would need is about 1000 people to get our colony up and running strong

Famine & Disease

because we are out in the north atlantic ocean we would be close to the ebola virus and would be likely to catch and spread the virus

*we would have hospitals care centers and researchers constantly testing for a cure

Society & Government

Because we live off the east coast  we would have a very hot climate so there so people would were shorts pretty much year round most of the city would be beach houses and suburbs

                                                          Government and establishment

we would establish order by making a colonial constatution based of the united states constitution  . we would have a police system, leaders whos terms end every two years we would vote in new leaders.  Because we are apart of the US we would own a limited government . we would also own a house of representatives . we would have the death penalty and have medicanal marijuana legal  . we would be a blue state or a democratic state because we are an island we would allow the government / military to use our wonderful colony for a strategic advantage .


ciscos geography consists of :

•large coastal plains

•warm beaches

•exotic forests

•above sea level

•exotic plant and animal life

Push/Pull Factors



•legal marjuina


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