by: Taylor, Makyla, Leah, and Carson

The pictures below and above is in the tundra, it is super cold. In summer it only gets 3 degrees winter it gets -34. Snow all the time coming down and they usually get 10 inches or more. Tundra also means treeless plain. The tundra is also the coldest biome out of all.

There are many mountains and national parks around tundra's. One of the most known parks is Lake Clark national Park. I would tell you, you could probably climb that mountain but it is against the law. One of the place you could climb is at Farview Mountain. It is big and has a beautiful view. As you can see in most of these pictures there is multiple places you can climb mountains and go out and have fun.

Up above is a bear-berry, with red berries and green leaves. Bearberries are found in the Tundra. And are not found in any other biome. Owls and birds eat the red berries off of the plant. The bearberry is the most common plant in the tundra.

This is a polar bear.

They have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm.

The fur some times freezes because of the ice.

One kind of food they eat is meat.

Polar bears can also be protective for there cubs.

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