Oprah interviews Luis Eduardo!

A Canadian celebrity who shines like a diamond

Oprah: Today, I brought to the program, he that majoring in Electrical Engineering. Student program Sciences without Borders and Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada ...

Oprah: What do you want to do in Canada before you go back to Brazil?

Luis: The most important thing is be happy! I came here to study, I know, but I must be myself first and then get success.

Oprah: Nice! Say a word that defines you

Luis: Explosion

Oprah: One thing you need to do in Canada, but still did not.

Luis: I've done many interesting things, but I need to climb Mount McKay, and I have the feeling of ultimate freedom.

Oprah: Say the first word that comes to your head

Oprah: Love

Luis: Everything

Oprah: Canadians

Luis: Sweet…can be Hot!!!...hahaha

Oprah: place

Luis: My mind/heart

Oprah: Someone

Luis: Jesus

Oprah: Thunder Bay

Luis: Perfect

Oprah: Now

Luis: Live

Oprah: Future

Luis: Written

Oprah: Luis by Luis…

Luis: Someone who wants to be happy and want to give happiness to those who are around him.

Thank You, Luis!!! Shine like a diamond!