Canada has a Constitutional Monarchy, which is where they have a King and Queen but they are just a tradition. The goverments the one who has full power.

Canada's Government  

Canada has a parliament, it is where they make the laws in Canada. They have a Prime Minister is the head of the government in Canada. The Prime Minister helps make the laws.

Canada and France

Canada has Bilingual. Which is where they speak two different languages. Like in Canada, one part speaks English and the other part speaks French.

Canada and Quebec

Canada has an issue. Quebec wants to separate from Canada and make their own country. This is called separatists, which are people that want to separate and make their own country.

Culture in Canada

In canada theres different cultures. It is multiculturalism, which is different cultures that are in one country. Other cultures can live peacefully in Canada.

Pierre Truseau

Pierre Truseau is a big part of Canadas history. He was the Prime Minister when the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. He was the 15th Prime Minister. He helped make Canada the beautiful place that it is today.


Canada has lot of industries. Canada has industries like aerospace or automotive industries. The industries make Canada even more of a beautiful place that it is today. With all the industries in Canada the economy is good and theres lots of jobs available.

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