What would you do?

Cyber bullying
If you was apart of a group that bulled somebody on the internet what would you do? I know what to do. if i was a part of that group i would tell them to stop do this and tell him why they doing this to him.I would not participate in this. this can cause them to kill them self.This would make me feel bad and do something about what they doing to him. i would stand up cause to many people killed themselves over bulling.

what would you do if a class mate got bulled and you didn't do anything?

If me and my friend saw this type of bullying and didn't do anything this would make the bully keep on doing to him and wont stop in till you speak up.me and my friends could tell the teacher we could tell friends to speak up and tell the bully to stop.if me and my friend stand up for my classmate we would change the school climate regarding bullying.a message that is communicate to the bully is that when ever you bully somebody everybody is gonna stand up for that person and that we not scared of you.