Taylor dorsey
Day 1
we made t-shirts with puffy paint and LED light and it was cool but i got paint on myself !! :0 but it was fun and really cool....

DAY 2 Today we made eye catchers.With a batterie n led lights and wires an a motor and it was cool. I think i would make it at home if i had the materials. And then we did makey makey and it was cool too and i playd a game with it.

DAY3 we got into our groups. What we did was we opened our keyboards. Then after we tried to make different sounds with the keyboards using alligator clips, and other things .

DAY4Today we got our keyboards and we worked on them. Then I finally found a sound i like and i put it together and all i have to do is put it back in place .To put the wires in place i had to solder it. I learned how to solder with the helping hand

DAY5 Today we put our stuff on our projects. Later we will have our show case and i will show off my project and then tell people about it.Then i will take everything home and miss everybody. :0 :(