Atmosphere- By: Angela Paulsen


The atmosphere has 4 layers. The layer we live on is the Troposphere. The layer above is the Stratosphere and it protects us from the sun. The layer above is the Mesosphere and it protects us from meteors. The layer above the Mesosphere is the top layer, the on that is on the outside of us and it is the Thermosphere and it is the hottest layer.


The temperature in the atmosphere is kind of wild.  From the Troposphere to the Thermosphere it goes cold, warm, colder and the Thermosphere is the hottest.  

Why The Atmosphere Is Important

There are so many reasons why the atmosphere is important.  Like without it we couldn't even be here, actually no living thing could be here.  the atmosphere protects us from the sun and anything in space that could fall to Earth.  

What Makes the Atmosphere

Earths atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon and 0.03% carbon dioxide.   

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