Venkata Yadavalli

Ford's Presidency:

  • Ford was first president to be unelected
  • Spiro Agnew resigns in 1973 due to tax fraud
  • Ford becomes VP through House and Senate vote
  • Ford becomes president after Nixon resigns in 1974
  • He pardons Nixon for any wrongdoing
  • People think the pardon is a corrupted act
  • Nixon might have arranged the presidency in exchange for a pardon, according to skeptics
  • Generally accepted to be false

End of the Vietnam War:

  • Ford signed the Paris Peace Accords on January 27th, 1963
  • This called for a cease fire between North and South Vietnam
  • However, in early 1975, North Vietnam invaded the South and quickly defeated them and crushed US troops
  • South Vietnamese was defeated, despite Ford's attempts to give more weapons

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