College Project #ACESL3


1.Letter of Intent

2.Embededded Video

3.College Application

4.Letter of Recommendation


6. FASA From (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

Charlie Torres

3500 Mike Godwin

El Paso TX, 79936

Dear UTEP,

Hello.My name is Charlie Torres, I am a freshman at Pebble Hills High School, I am writing to inform you about my interest in the Teacher Education Program at UTEP. My main goal is to attend your college right after I graduate from high school. Now I'm going to tell you some reasons why UTEP is the right college for me.

  First, I want to succeed my goal , my parents have gone to UTEP and they say its pretty cool and it will be worth it keeping your grades up. I want to be successful just like my parents.Also I want a good and healthy job for my self. I want a a good house for my future family too.

  Second. You accept me because, i haven't gone to the office for misbehaving or for bad grades. Ive been keeping my grades up for a reason.. I want to go to the college I want so they can see that i didn't misbehave and didn't get bad grades like some other kids here in my school.


UTEP Campus Life

Letter of Recommendation

Dear UTEP,

  I recommend Paul Swatts to attend to UTEP because, he would love to join some music classes.  He is very talented and I think he will enjoy the class and be successful in life. He is always trying hard in school. Also, he keeps his grades up so maybe he can get into college. I have only known him for a year, and he is very responsible getting to class on time, honest, respectful, and last but not least he is a very good student. He helps another students that don't know English that much and that is that someone wouldn't do often.

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