Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Myth: People with OCD like doing their rituals.

What is obsessive compulsive disorder?    OCD is an anxiety disorder that causes people have repeated and unwanted thoughts, feelings, ideas, or behaviors that make them feel forced into doing a certain ritual.

People with OCD cannot control their behaviors.                                                           OCD runs in family's so there is no way to prevent it.                                                     OCD develops during childhood.                                                                                         Around 2.2 millions Americans have been diagnosed with OCD.                                 The affects of OCD can come and go throughout a persons lifetime.                         It can be treated with therapy and/or medication.                                                         OCD is caused by an offset of chemicals in the brain.

People with OCD can talk to a psychiatrist.

As well as discuss their disorder in a support group.

The Monster by Eminem talks about mental illnesses, one of them being OCD.


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