Pure Art Of Filmmaking

If you like camera, sound, background music, dancers, lights, drama stages, performances, then you are a perfect lover of films and no doubt, you probably like the art of film making too. Yes, filmmaking is a pure art and mixture of aesthetics and it involves different dimensions of a person, country, culture, tradition, etc. Of course, it involves many aspects from editing, production, direction, cinematography to copy writing. These all are the integral and vital factors involved in filmmaking. People across the world like to watch movies because films not only inspire them, but also keep their passion awake for the art of films.

As films are the mirror of society, culture, tradition and even specific place, it has its own importance. It is much more dependent on the story line. Even writers can simply change the mood of the film through their story and can transform everything. Most of the time, actors, directors and the whole crew wait for that sudden twist moment in the story writing that can change the sphere of the film in seconds. This is the reason story writing plays an important part in filmmaking.

Both pre-production and planning stage is the most critical part of filmmaking and it takes a lot of time. It has its own importance and help in laying out the premises. It is also known as the structural block of the film. It is the phase that deals in assembling of teams, crewmembers, artists as well as finalization of the film location. This phase also reveals about the budget or total expenditure.

Depending on the type of film, directors and production engineers decide about the animations, background, theme, format, and other things in order to create a wonderful eye-pleasing film. Of course, editing and mixing the visuals as well as soundtracks are a vital factor. Color and theme are also the crucial factors and can take your film or documentary to the next level. Choosing color theme as per the story line is a deciding factor and only an experienced professional can handle it. Editing and re-editing are the aspects of the filmmaking and responsible for that absolute quality of the film.

Whether the film is a big budget or a small documentary, you always need the best cameras, equipment, locations, and technologically advanced gadgets to make your film second to none. Equipment can make your film a dream come true and you can effectively convey your message to the intended audience. Even your film will get recognition in the international film festivals.

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Children’s International Film Festival, or CIFF, is a non-profit yearly festival organised by The Film Studio FZ LLC, Dubai for teenagers and pre-teens.They organize filmmaking workshops and competitions to encourage young talent into film production. They move with an aim to set internationally recognised standard of excellence in films and videos created for children.

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