Ian D's Exploration Proposal

Made By Ian Douglas

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Ian Douglas. I plan on setting out for the new world. Traveling to an unknown land, and finding Cities of gold, and don’t forget the gold, furs, and silver. All of this could be yours, but I will require funds necessary to survive the trips there and back. We will also depart around the 14th of February in the year 1585. I estimate that the trip there will be 75 days at the most, and about 75 days back and a crew of 45 men.

  In case you are wondering about certain things that might affect the trip, I have… prepared a list of actions for each one. We can negotiate terms with any of the natives, or other explorers. As for hardships we will sail right through them. With the solution of having enough food to make it about half a year. With the diseases we will only consume water that has been certified as clean. For the mosquitos I have a special diet planned that includes a lot of Iron, perfect for driving off those pesky bugs. As for the Natives, we will deal with them in a few different ways.

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