• As the air rises, it transfers heat from the surface of the earth to the upper levels of the atmosphere (the process of convection) .The water vapor it contains begins to cool, releases the heat, condenses and forms a cloud. The cloud eventually grows upward into areas where the temperature is below freezing.

Historical Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are very dangerous.For example one historical thunderstorm is Wilma one of the most powerful storms that took place in Atlantic Caribbean .It has wiped out many houses,many buildings and many people.

How Have Thunderstorms  Impacted Our Lives Today?

Tragic storms have impacted our lives today because now scientists are still and have figured out ways to prevent people loosing their things and homes to thunderstorms .And today most people don't loose their homes to thunderstorms and can live in a home after a reckless storm or tornado or lightning and more people survive storms like those to because of the technology we have because people have died and lost precious things and people learn from mistakes like that that's why mistakes like that happen.


convection- convection is the transfer of heat by movement through a medium, like air or liquids. It is the primary method of heat transfer through gasses and liquids.


A severe thunderstorm wrecking a town

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