To Build a Fire

One lesson that might be learned from "To Build A Fire" would be to never underestimate nature. Throughout the story the man does not ever truly understand how powerful nature is. For example the man thinks "Undoubtedly it was colder than fifty below-how much colder he did not know. But the temperature did not matter" being ignorant that it is truly "seventy-five below zero. Since the freezing point is thirty-two above zero, it meant that one hundred and seven degrees of frost obtained." a temperature that could easily kill a man,  if even the slightest mistake was made. Furthermore the man continues to forget the constant threat of death in such a wild part of the world. "It was his own fault or, rather, his mistake" "High up in the tree one bough capsized its load of snow" "It grew like a avalanche, and it descended without warning upon the man and the fire, and the fire was blotted out" and so as a result of his ignorance of the primal power of nature his lifeline was destroyed. Resulting in his lonely death.

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