Come Add Some Light In Your World In Paris France (The City Of Light)

Kiersten Welborn

Paris France is one of the most beautiful places on earth, Some of the things you would see if you went would be the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Disneyland and many more.There are many places to shop but the most famous street to shop is called champs Elysees and the arch of triumph which has clothing stores such as Beau Travail,Comme des Chaussures. Paris has many dining areas such as outside cafes and 3 stared restaurants. Hotel Plaza Athenee is one of the best hotels to stay in it has high-ceilinged rooms with modern touches like remote-controlled air-conditioning and a music library with 5,000 song choices. The hotel also offers tours of its 35,000-bottle wine cellar, another place to stay is Four Seasons Hotel George V it has a heaven-can-wait full-service hotel spa adjoins an indoor pool ringed by a mural of the gardens at Versailles. Hotels cost around $147-$320 a night depending on where you stay. Some Places to eat include Brasseries which offers seafood or Quich Bites if you want something simple such as a hamburger or there are also wine bars that you can go to and just taste wine those are just a few of the many Restaurants in Paris.

This video talked about facts about Paris France or the (city of light), It also talked about how it changed over the year.

This Video tells about the top 10 this you can do in Paris France they include walking, roller blading, bus tour,dining, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre,Taking a cruise on the Seine and many more.

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