Magic Johnson

By: Bonna M.

Magic Johnson's Acheivements

Born August 14, 1959, Lansing Michigan

Real Name: Earvin Johnson Jr.

Overcome HIV

One of the most stellar basketball careers

Made a foundation to help poor people

After a knee injury, Johnson persevered to become a very historical b-ball player. They were to him 100 days of solitude.

Shows that even with a disease with HIV you can still persevere and achieve amazing basketball prowess or anything in general.

In 2002, he was entered into Naismith Hall of Fame

In 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987-88 he was on a NBA Champion Ship Team

In 1982 he achieved a citizenship award

A non-profit organization of charity encouraging the emotional and physical status of the young was made by Earvin named Magic Johnson Foundation.

Johnson gre up with nine  siblings and started practicing and playing at soon as 7:30 AM

A sportswriter chose the nickname "magic". Why is that he acquired 16 assists, 16 rebounds, and scored 36 points in total for a single name.

Michael went to Everett High School, and Michigan Stat University.


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