Inference - the act of making a guess about what might happen next (ex: a story).

Written Examples

1. "Bullying in school is still in play as well. It may be the “old fashioned” is still just as effective! Bullying should not be happening in school teachers should be making it stop and start being aware that it IS HAPPENING!!!".

Inference: Based on the what the author is saying, I think that he/she has been bullied before, and had a bad experience with it. Therefore, the author doesn't want other people to go through what she has experienced.

2. "I did not cry, however. Everyone I talked to was shocked. Everyone who read the book cried, and I hadn’t even been close to tears. But the book isn’t where my rant begins. When the “Fault in Our Stars” movie was released, my friend Cassidy and I walked into the theater very excited. I thought I would cry and want to see it a dozen times, but I didn’t. Not even close...", explains a teen about the book "Fault in Our Stars".

Inference: Based on the text, I think that the teen didn't like the "Fault in Our Stars", because the author starts a rant.

3. "I've been thinking of memories in the back of my mind,
I've been dwelling on tears, but it's the smiles I find.
For nights, I've lied awake,
Taking on all of my mistakes.
Words I've regretted and good decisions, I've spared-
I know he knew all along that we really cared".

Inference: Based upon the text, I that the poem was written by the author in the remembrance of someone very important in their life.


Inference: I think that the image was taken to emphasize the waste of water. I can infer that the photographer was trying to show how much water was being wasted on ice bucket challenges.

Inference: Since there is a bell, and there are lights in the background, I think that the picture was taken during Christmas.  

Inference: I think that the photographer likes books because he/she formed a heart with the pages of a book.


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