Only 8 days.....

Until Teacher Only Day!

Tuesday 1st July

'Challenge, Disrupt & Change'

Thankyou again for volunteering to present at the upcoming Teacher Only Day. We have now got all staff registered for their various sessions, and are in the process of allocating rooms and balancing numbers.

We are also fortunate to be hosting a number of teachers from various local schools who are interested in the programme we have put forward for the day.

Session 1 Presenters

Google Apps                                                                      Nick Major
Google Docs: Taking me to the next level        Michelle Lomberg
Moodle: Getting to the next stage:                      Charlie Smith
Social Media: Whats all the fuss about?         Priscilla Allan & Charlotte Milne

Session 2 & 3 Presenters

Library Interactive Tour                                                  Alison Johnson & Jane Bower
Wirelessly mirroring to the big screen                     Andrew Ardern
Podcasting & Screencasting                                            Billy Merchant
Presentation Tools: Moving from Powerpoint    Allistair Williamson
Moodle / Google: Hands on                                             Charlie Smith & Nick Major
Social Media: Hands On                                                    Kirsty Leggett, Lisa Cumberland

Where to from here....

Could you please take a few moments to fill in the presenter requirements form below to ensure that I have any requests (i.e. printing / resources) organised for you ahead of time.

Also, if you are co-presenting, could you please meet with your co-presenter over the next few days to ensure you have an understanding of your session structure.

eLearning Meeting - 24th June 2014

We will be utilising this time for presenters to work through their presentations, create resources (if required), and discuss the outline for the day.  

The purpose of this meeting is to minimise the amount of work that you have to do in your own time, as well as utilising those within the eLearning Group in the preparation of the various presentations.

Meeting Time:      3.30pm
Location:               R1L

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