Business Cards

Bad Business Card #1

It has no design, and it is very plain. It only has the company logo and that's pretty lame.

Bad Business Card #2

The design is very cool, but there is no name, no number, or address on the card. It only has the business website and the very professional.

Bad Business Card #3

Once again the business card is very plain and boring. It has no interest and won't catch anyone's attention. Only has business logo.

Cool Business Card #1

I like the outline on the card, and how he added the color into the black and white photo of him. Very nice business card

Cool Business Card #2

The design in the front is very cool looking and the I like the way the design on the back of the card is set up with the information.

Cool Business Card #3

I like the way the front of the card looks like an old school radio and the back of the card looks very vintage looking. Very unique business card.

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