Google Searching Tips

Google Plays Scrabble?

If you are playing a game with your friends, and are questioning a word, just Google it like define:word and it will give you a quick and easy definition!

Yeast Free Bread Recipes

If you are trying to search for a Bread Recipe, but don't want it to include yeast search Bread -yeast, this also works when you want to exclude any word from search results

Historic News

You can search for news articles in a certain time period like this MM/DD/YYYY..MM/DD/YYYY  it works when you put two periods (..) in between the two dates.

Search By File Type

You can search for a specific type of file (like pptx) like this  Search:FileType and it will bring up mostly that type of file for download or viewing.

Set a Timer

You can set a timer on Google by typing set timer for

When it shows the result, a Google bar will show up and you can adjust how much time you want on the timer.

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