1984 Timeline

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194o- Hitler invades Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.

1940- The first official network television broadcast is put out by NBC

1940- August- Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania annexed by the USSR

1941- Japan attacks Pearl Harbour, bringing the US into World War II

1941- Germany attacks the Balkans and Russia

1941- Britain declares war on Japan

1941- Roosevelt enunciates "four freedoms", and signs the Lend-Lease act, declares a national emergency, and promises to aid the USSR

1942- Declaration of United Nations signed in Washington January 1st

1942- Nazis attend the Wannsee Conference to decide on a final solution to deal with the Jews, the genocide of Jews, that became known as the Holocaust

1944- Normady is invaded with U.S allies, known as D-Day on Ju

1944- The United Nations is formed at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference with U.S, British Commenwealth, and the USSR (Aug-Oct)

1945- Yalta Conference is held with Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin to plan the final defeat of Germany (Feb 4-11)

1945- On April 30, Hitler committs suicide

1945- Germany surrenders May 7th

1945- First electronic computer ENIAC is built

1945- October-  The Verdict is made on the "war trials" with Nazis,. 12 were sentenced to be hung, 7 were imprisoned, 3 were acquitted.

1947- Peace Treaties signed among Italy, Romania, Bulgaria Hungary, and Finland on Feburary 10

1947-  On March 12th, Truman proposed Truman Doctrine, which was to aid Greece and Turkey in stopping communist expansion

1948- Communist seize power in Czechoslovakia

1948- On May 14th, the nation of Isreal is proclaimed

1949- Truman proposed "Point Four Program" to help worlds less developed areas

1949- July 14th, the first successful Soviet atomic test

1954- First organ transplant in Boston by Richard Herrick, a man was given a new kidney from his twin brother

1951- Festival of Britain- After World War 2 this event gave Britain a feeling of recovery, as much of the nation was in ruins

1952- Queen Elizabeth II becomes queen

1953- Watson and Crick discover DNA

1957- Soviet Sattellite Sputnik Launches the space age, launched on November 3rd, it carried the first living passenger, a dog named Laika

1958- NASA was founded


1960- American U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Powers, shot down over Russia

1961- U.S breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba

1961- April 12th, Moscow announced plans to land the first man on space

1961- April 17, Cuba is invaded at Bay of Pigs by anti- Castro exiles aided by the U.S

1962- John Glenn Jr., is the first American to orbit Earth on Feb. 20

1962- (Aug- Nov)- Cuban Missle Crisis- The USSR to bild missile bases in Cuba, and Kennedy orders Cuban blockade, the lift blockades after Russians back down

1963- June 17, U.S Supreme Court rules no recall of the lords prayer or bible verses in schools are allowed

1963- Martin Luther King Junior delivered "I have a Dream" speech on Aug, 28

1963- Kenneddy is shot in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24

1965- Medicare/ Medicaid is established to Americans on July 1st

1967- Christian Bernard and a team of South African's surgeons perform the worldsfirst successful heart transplant on a human, the patient died after 18 days (Dec. 3)

1967- Martin Luther King Jr., is shot and killed in Memphis, TN on April 4th

1969-July 20, Neil Armstrong, Aldrid, Collins- take man's first walk on the moon

1970-Computer floppy disk is introduced

1971- London Bridge brought to the U.S

1972- Watergate Scandal Begins with U.S president Nixon

1973- Roe vs Wade established legal abortion in the U.S

1973- the U.S pulls out of Vietnam

1975- Civil War in Lebanon

1975- Microsoft Founded

1976- North and South Vietnam Joing to form the "Socialist Repunlic of Vietnam"

1978- first test tube baby

1978- Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island


1980-Failed U.S attempt to rescue hostages in Tehran

1980- Mount St. Helen erupted

1981- New plague identified as AIDS
1981- Personal computers introduced by IBM

1983- U.S President Reagan announces defense plan known as "Star Wars"


1985- Famine in Ethiopia

1985- Hole in ozone layer is discovered

1986- Space shuttle "Challenger" explodes

1986- U.S bombs Libya, USSR Launches Mir Space Station

1987- DNA first used to convict criminals

1988- Pan Am Flight 103, is bombed over Lockerbie, and the U.S shoots down Iranian airliner

1989- Berlin Wall falls

1989- Students are massacred in China's Tiananmen Sqaure


1990-  Hubble telescope launches into space

1991- Collapse of the Soviet Union

-Operation Desert Storm

-South Africa repeals Apartheid Laws


-Official end of the cold war


-Use of internet hits peak

-World Trade Center bombed


-Channel Tunnel opens, connecting Britain and France


-Sarin Gas attack in Tokyo Subway

-Oklahoma City, U.S bombing


-Mad Cow disease hits Britain


-Pathfinder sends back images of Mars

-Scientists clone sheep


-India and Pakistan test Nuclear weapons


Fear of Y2K bug

-NATO attacks Serbia

-The Euro is named the new European currency

2000- 2014


"ILOVEYOU" virus hits thousands of computers

-Mapping of the human genocide

-USS cole bombed


- Wikipedia is launched

-George W. Bush becomes the 43rd U.S president

-Space Station Mir is deorbited

-The worlds first space tourist

-A devastating terrorist attacks hits NYC, America, leaving 3000 dead, known now as 9/11


- The deadliest terrorist act in the history of Indonesia


Space shuttle Columbia disaster

-The invasion of Iraq

-The Human Genocide project is completed


-The first recorded hurricane in the South Atlantic

-George W. Bush is re-elected

-Train bombings  in Madrid kill nearly 200 people


- Hurricane Katrina hits , New Orleans , LA, USA

-The first privately funded human spaceflight


- Crude oil production is reaching a plateau

-North Korea conducts its first nuclear test

-The west african rhino is declared extinct

-Saddam Hussein is executed


Globally the economy takes a downfall

-Multiple suicide bombings kill 796 people in northern Iraq

-Arctic sea hits a record low

-Benazir Bhutto is assassinated in Pakistan


Oil prices hit a record high

-The internet continues to boom

-Scientists extract images directly from the Brain


-Barrack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the USA
-Major breakthroughs are found with cancer research

-The mouse genome is fully sequenced

-Scientist develop and produce new plastics without the use of fossil fuels

-Water is discovered on the moon

-Mind control headsets enter the video games market

-3D scanning enters the consumer market


- Haiti is struck by a devastating earthquake

-Scientists trap antimatter

-The Constellation Program is canceled

-Solar power plunges in costs

-Speech-to-speech translation is common in mobile phones


-Japan is devastated by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami

-The death of Osama bin Laden

-The worlds first successful synthetic organ transplant

-Global population reaches 7 billion

-South Sudan becomes an independent nation


- Mars Science Laboratory explores the Red Planet

-Voyager I crosses the heliopause

-Quad-core smartphones and tablets

-The mayan calendar reaches the end of its current cycle


North Korea conducts its third nuclear test

-The first creation of human embryonic stem cells cloning

-Birth of a royal baby, Prince George of Wales

-China overtakes the U.S in scientific research

-The first gene therapy in the Western world

-Uruguay becomes the first nation to allow full legislation of cannabis


-Scotland votes no to independence

-The new world trade center in completed

-The first test flight of NASA's Orion spacecraft

-NATO ends combat operations in Afghanistan

1. Which of Orwell’s predictions have become a part of history, not only in communist countries but also in the free world?

- Orwell in 1984, describes a world when technology greatly advances, for example with tele-screens. In todays society the advances with mobile phones, tracking devices, computers, social networking etc.

- In 1984 the society is totalitarian, while many of these aspects are evident in communist countries, non- communist countries are adopting more totalitarian with new privacy policies and interference with the government in everyday and personal lives.

- In the free world the people of today's society are noticing even more the principles of excessive government control with equal rights.

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