Unpleasent lessons

by: Dimitri Carlsen

After finishing bunking barley and washing up, Lennie decides to take a nap alone in the bunkhouse. Suddenly visions appear, it’s the ghost of Aunt Clara and she has a gift for Lennie but also with a warning of danger ahead. She tells him not to engage with curly at all but if you must then open the box.

In the bunkhouse there’s a solid door with a wooden latch. George walks in and Aunt Clara fades away. Lennie begins to tell George what happened, a ghost favoring aunt Clara appeared with a gift see George and with advice to stay away from curly. George stares at the box and is puzzled by the story, Give it here George says. Lennie give it to George to looks to be attempting to open it but Lennie yell wait I don’t think you should do that George. George startled by Lennie’s concern give the gift back to Lennie and says your right besides it’s meant for you anyhow. 

With all the excitement George decides to take his leave to the bar. Later that day curly knocks on the door. Lennie is alone while George is away at the bar to have a drink of whisky. Curly breaks down the door and walk in the bunkhouse. Curly begins saying   I’ve got you now boy. Lennie panics and opens the box. Suddenly the room shakes and out from the box appears a demon with ruby red eyes. Its only focus was curly it takes a huge leap and pounces on curly and starts to eat him alive. Lennie in mixed emotions cries until George returns to comfort him.

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