Fire and Ice

Magdalena Wood-Richardson


An avalanche is a mass of snow, ice etc., that descends down a mountain at a rapid speed.

Avalanche is a noun.

Austin's bones were crushed when the avalanche hit him.


A glacier is a slow large mass of compacted snow and/or ice that is located in water generally near the poles.

Glacier is a noun.

When Austin stood next to glacier he seemed even smaller.

Question B

Tectonic plates are responsible for forming many of Washington's major landscapes. These plates fold, grind and scrape against each other over time and this forms the well known mountains and plateaus of Washington state.

Question C

The Puget Lobe has the most impact on Washington's physical landscape. The Okanogan Lobe only changed two things in two specific locations, the Polson Lobe only impacted Washington in one major location while the Puget Lobe affected many different locations. The Puget Lobe formed many islands, hills, and carved deep water ways that make Washington known for its excellent shipping harbors.

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