My Students

A traditional lesson did by the students

I teach in my school, Brotzu high school, from ten years. In Italy each school year is called a class. The curriculum is from age 6 - 19 (K1 - K13). My students are 16 - 19 years old. I have 84 stundents, parted in four classes: II D, III F, IV F, V F.

In the image you can see two students that are doing a lesson to their classmates with projector, interactive whiteboard and internet connection. They are using Prezi for a History presentation.


This is my III D class. They are 25 students, I teach them Philosophy.


This is my III F class. They are 23 students, I teach them history and Philosophy.

III F My students with their beste friends: the smartphone


This is my III F class. They are 22 students, I teach them history and Philosophy. They are much collaborative and help me to develop formative process. We collaborate thanks an online learning environment and a whatsapp group. they made many content with web applications like; Emaze, Tackk, Cmaps, Mindomo, Pinterest, Padlet, Dipity, Prezi, etc. Then they explain historical and philosophical topics to their classmates



These are my older students, they are 19 years old, this scholastic year they have to sustain a very difficult esame to achieve their high school diploma.