Day in the life of a student in Thailand..........

The students name is Laddawadee Maroomdee, she is 12 years old. Laddawadee lives with her parents, sister, and grandmother in Bangkok.

                                 5:30 a.m

Laddawadee's dad wakes her and her sister up. She takes a shower and puts on her school uniform.

                                    6:20 a.m.

Her dad cooks breakfast , most of the time they have khao tom , which is porridge made from rice and milk

                                8:00 a.m

She goes to her first class, which is math or thai language

                                     3:30 p.m

Laddawadee walks next door to get her sister. Then she goes to dance class were they learn traditional Thai dances.

                                   6:15 p.m.

Her mom sometimes picks up food on her way home or when she cook, Laddawadee prepares the rice. He favorite dish is kraprao gai, chicken with basil leaves

                                   9:00 p.m

Before Laddawadee goes to sleep, she prays that her family and friends wil be happy and healthy

A day in the life of a student in America...........

                                     6:00 a.m

My alarm goes off , I get off and start getting ready


After I get ready my dad drives my little brother and I up to our bus stop to wait for the bus


By this time I have put my stuff in my locker and walked to gym.

                                    2:45 p.m.

At this time school has let out and I'm talking to my friends and walking to the bus.

                                  5:00 p.m.

By now dinner is done and we all sit , eat and talk

                                     9:00 p.m.

I am up in my room usally watching netflix and getting ready for bed at 11 p.m.


Laddawadee's  and my life is completely different. One example is the things she eat is different. Also school like what classes and how long the day is. Laddawadee and her family pray alot .

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