by William

This is a HUGE TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      A tsunami is a huge wave. A tsunami can be up to 100 feet! (30 meters) It is caused by landslides, earthquakes, and volcanoes under water! Most tsunamis are made right after underwater earthquakes and start at the epicenter (the ground right above where an earthquake happens). Then little waves start that go fast. A little tsunami wave can go 600 miles per hour in the deep water!!!! (That is as fast as a jet.) When the water reaches the shore the bottom of the wave slows down, making the top of the water swell up and makes a giant TSUNAMI!

Where do tsunamis form?

     Tsunamis usually start in the ring of fire. That’s around the Pacific Ocean edges. That is where the plates in the earth’s surface come apart.

This is the ring of fire!

What are effects of a tsunami?

    A tsunami can kill YOU! A tsunami can destroy 50,000 buildings. Tsunamis can make very bad floods. A tsunami wave makes a lot of debris which is hard and dangerous to clean up. Debris is pieces of wood, glass, stone, and other stuff that comes from wrecked buildings! It is hard to rescue people after a tsunami because there is debris and some things get pulled into the ocean.

     A tsunami can kill 10,000 people Tsunamis are the biggest waves ever! A Tsunameter is a device that detects tsunami waves passing through the ocean water!!!

A tsunami pulled all of this debris into the ocean.
A tsunami pulled this boat to shore.

What it Looks Like When a Tsunami Comes

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