Why Betaplex?

Betaplex is the brainchild of Nazir Aridi. Already as a child, construction was a source of great fascination, and this fascination eventually turned into a genuine passion for the future developer who, after completing CEGEP, enrolled in Civil Engineering at the école Polytechnique de Montréal. While still a student in 1982, Nazir Aridi landed his first job in the industry as a Project Manager for a major public corporation. Two years later, having recently graduated and still working for the same corporation, he started his own project management firm.

Construction Betaplex was launched. Since its inception, Betaplex has faced every challenge head on. In 1983, the opportunity of a major overseas contract marked a turning point in the young company's history. The projects entrusted to the company have increased at an impressive rate since its incorporation in 1988. In 2003, the Betaplex Prestige division was created to better serve the needs of customers in the customized housing market.

The Betaplex team can be proud of having shared this rewarding experience with several thousand satisfied customers thus far. Betaplex is proud to offer you customized after-sales service with a team of trained and responsible employees to guarantee customer satisfaction. We understand your concerns and strive to offer you peace of mind during your home's construction and after its completion.

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