Math in a Minute: Valentine's Day Edition

Volume 3 Issue 19

What Might It Be?

Sally made valentines for each of her 20 friends.  She made some pink ones and some purple ones.  How many of each might she have made?

Tommy was making his mom a Valentine's Day.  He wanted to only use symmetrical shapes on his card. What might his card look like?

Justin had fruit snacks during his Valentine's Day party at school.  There are 12 pieces and 4 different shapes of fruit snacks.  What might his snack look like?  How can you describe it using fractional parts?

Estimating with Candy Hearts

How Tall? How Wide? How Heavy?

Try stacking some candy hearts on top of each other.  How tall is the stack?

Find the area of each of your valentines before opening them.

What is the area your Valentine's Day box? (shoebox)

How long is a sucker stick?

How large of a box would you need to hold a cupcake? (Remember that you do not want too much extra space!)

The "V" in Valentine's Day looks like an acute angle!  What is the measure of degrees for the "V" in Valentine's Day?  Are there any other acute angles that you can measure in the words "Valentine's Day"

How much do all the things in your Valentine's Day box weigh? How much does all the candy weigh? Without weighing the cards, can you figure out how much they weigh?

Smartie Fractions

Survey Says...

When you think of Valentine's Day, what is the first color that comes to mind?  Survey your class and see what color comes to mind.  Report your findings with a graph.

Do you prefer chocolate or a different type of candy? Survey your class and what your class prefers. Report your findings with a graph. Based on your findings, how does this affect what you will buy for Valentine's Day?  Do you think this is the same for all classes or just yours?

Try as a great surveying tool!

How Long Does It Take To Sort Them?

Time 3 of your friends sorting the pompoms into the colored tubes... with their right hand.  Now you try! Who did if faster? How much faster. Prove your findings with a graph.

Now try it with your left hand and see how long it takes to sort the pompoms. What is the difference in the time it took to sort them?  Based on your findings, see if you can figure out who is left handed or right handed. Explain your thinking.

How much?

The Mustache Valentine Cards from Oriental Trading Company are on sale!  They were $10.00, but now they are only $6.98! How much money would you same by buying these cards?

There are many different options for Valentine's Day Cards. Here are a few options for Valentines. Think about how many people are in your class.  How many boxes would you need to give each of your classmates a Valentine? Which one is the best price?  How much is each Valentine?