Adventures with Mimi!
April 2015

Skyler, Gabe and Mimi at the Lego Expo in Philadelphia. Gabe and Skyler built lego cars to race and saw some amazing things built out of legos: whole cities, space ships, neat monsters and tons of Star Wars stuff. We even saw Darth Vadar and Storm Troopers! We built lego pictures and hung them on the special wall.

After the Expo, we went to the pool in the hotel and there was even a hot tub too! Mimi relaxed on the lounge chair!

That afternoon we went to the Valley Forge park and saw lots of neat stuff from the Revolutionary War: guns, swords, money and tools. When we drove around the park, we could stop and look at the different monuments. There were lots of old, old cabins that the soldiers stayed in and we could walk inside them. We decided they would have been very cold in the winter!

We looked at the houses where the generals stayed and found a bird's nest in a window frame. The mom and dad birds were not happy with us! There was also a great stream to explore and through rocks into.

We had a great pizza dinner and Skyler entertained us with his guessing game! Silly boys!

Finally, we had a good night's sleep at the hotel. Unfortunately, in the morning, we just had time for breakfast and we were on our way home.

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