Unique Gift Baskets – 4 Ideas That Will Definitely Win Hearts

The festive season is here yet again. And so is that dreaded time for most people where they have to spend hours upon hours combing through supermarket aisles and novelty stores, just so they can pick out the right gift for their loved ones.

People with the ability to select the perfect present that is economical as well as heart-winning are a dying breed now. Most of us these days suffer from a chronic condition known as being ‘gifting-challenged’. For the life of us, we just can’t find something good enough to give away to the people we love. And so we spend hours and hours, just staring at the huge variety of merchandise that has hit the market in the festive season, not knowing which is better and which is better left alone. And in the end, it’s just a saga of hastily selected presents at the last minute that were picked out just because we couldn’t find anything else to buy.

And then this cycle begins to repeat itself the next year, all over again..

Not this time though. This time you have some clever unique gift basket ideas that will definitely make you a hit at the party. Here are 4 sure shot winners for this holiday season-

The chocolate lover’s paradise

This idea is guaranteed to please because let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate! Just chuck that special person in your life in their personal paradise by giving them a unique gift basket filled with chocolate candy bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles, chocolate malt balls, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered dried fruit and packets of cocoa hot chocolate. Some cookies shouldn’t go amiss either!

A gamers’ retreat

Have that friend who is always hooked to the TV screen whenever there is a game playing on it? Here is the perfect gift basket that will make every game night feel like Christmas for him. Fill it with snacks like snack chips, pretzels, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, cheese crackers, soda crackers, cheese dips, brownies, cookies, cheeses, salami and a colorful chip and dip tray. Trust me, the guy will be so overwhelmed, he will be reduced to tears of joy!

The wine delight

The holiday season is all about kicking back and relaxing and a good wine to accompany this tranquil time is always appreciated. Visit a unique gift basket store and ask them to put together several hard and soft cheeses, some nice crackers and then select the best two bottles of wine you can think of. A good selection could be Red, Merlot, Rose, Port, White Zinfandel or White wine

A taste of Italy

Hey, who doesn’t put on a little holiday weight by over-indulging a little over food. And while you are doing that, why not go Italian! That’s the idea behind this unique gift basket. Bring together a wide selection of the finest Italian food including all natural dried pasta, extra virgin olive oil, pasta sauce, sun dried tomatoes, garlic bread sticks and a selection of the best cheeses available. Quite mouthwatering don’t you think?

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