by Sophia lupercio in core 3

Writing about Meditation

The three activities we did were the deep sleep meditation, write down 5 things that makes us happy and 5 things that make us mad, and the breath in and out meditation. The deep sleep meditation is when you lay down and someone is telling you how to relax and go to a deep sleep in a calm voice. When ever you write down your 5 things that make you happy and the 5 things that make you mad you use them during meditation. The breath in and out meditation is when you sit down and you close your eyes and just breath in and out. Mr.Haulkuff told us a story during meditation.

I felt excited before we started meditation. I felt relaxing and calm during the activities. Yes, I would try meditation again, because it relaxes me and calms me down.


meditation- a process to calm and relax your body down

mantra- is when you say the same word over and over again

deep breathing- is when you breath long breaths

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