Why was Russia`s role pivotal in the war

(America did not win ww2 Russia did)

Russia played a very important part in the Second World War. Many Historians believe that the turning point in the war was the battle of Stalingrad. The battle of Stalingrad was a battle fought between the Russians and the Germans. The Russians won the battle. it was a turning point because after the battle the Russians were able to push the Germans all the way back to Berlin. The allies also had a big advantage geographically, because of this advantage Germany had to split their forces and fight in the east and the west.


One of the Greatest lies of the war was that the Americans won the war when in truth the Soviet Union did. They sacrificed the most to win the war. Russia was the first allied country to reach the capital of Germany. When they did Germany surrendered. The only other Axis power that was yet to surrender was Germany. At this time the Russians were closing in on the Japanese as well.

Modern Day Connections -

"With mutual trust all but gone, the United States and Russia enter a new year full of challenges that will test whether the world’s nuclear giants can salvage their relationship". This is a quote from 2014.  This connects to world war two because even during ww2 US and Russia disliked each other.

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