Jessie Hilton

I have a miraculously wide view of the world. A great portion of my personality is balanced by photo-chemical ozone destruction. People seemed to be pleased with my effect on the atmospheric lifetimes of some greenhouse gases. I let in sunlight that leads to the production of hydroxyl radicals for a living, this helps mop up some other greenhouse gases, like methane, and so lessen their global warming potential.

My Impact on the World

I can easily be found when my focus or concentration on my job or life in general increases immensely, and when compounds lead to my formation with great ease. People first usually realize my presence when looking downwind of large cities.

Like everyone, I have my strengths as well as my downfalls, my triumphs  but also my miss steps. People sometimes fail to realize that being a greenhouse gas is hard, I personally believe we are miss led and judged before we are clearly recognized.

Then again, I can also be dangerous. I have an addictive, over barring, and aggressive side to me.  Increasing emission of atmospheric pollutants, such as those from biomass and fossil fuel burning has led me to increase in size and levels of concentration. Like other greenhouse gases, I spread rapidly and am concerning to the environment as well as humans who rely on oxygen to survive.

Opportunities for the Future

If Earth continues to obtain larger and larger amounts of pollutants for years to come, you will be seeing a lot more of me out and about. Soon enough people won't have any control over me, I will be free to roam the Earth forever more, adding no complications for myself or for any other greenhouse gas on the planet. Believe it or not, I became successful and powerful by man kind. With out your help humans, I would not be here today, so thank you.

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