Back In Time by Matthew Altemueller

If I had to go back in time I would go back before humans inhabited North America. I would like to go back to this time because I would have loved to see the land the way it was before humans roamed the world. I want to see the land the way God created it not the way humans have made it.

When I woke up I felt a dripping on my head. I opened my eyes and saw a large bear standing over me. I called for my parents and I heard nothing back. I was weird because I felt different I didn't feel like I was in my bed anymore. I sat up and the bear didn't do anything. It just stood there. I made a loud racket and the bear ran off. I had always heard bears were dangerous but this one was scared of me. I didn't know what to do so I started walking around. All that surrounded me was woods no houses no people just woods. I kept walking and I felt a little thirsty but there was no water. In the distance I couuld hear somthing. It sounded like a stream. I ran twards the noise and came to it abruptly. It was a clear nonpolluted beautifull stream. The water was trickiling down the stream swiftly but gently. I drank from it not knowing that there could be bad stuff in it. After I quenched my thirst I started walking down stream hoping I could find a village or something. I was getting a little hungry but I didn't have anything to eat so I laid down and thought about what I could do. I soon fell asleep in the shade of an oak tree. I was awaken by the awful sound of a vulture. I opened my eyes and there were many vultures surrounding me. I tried to run but i could not go anywhere the vultures were jumping on me and pecking me. it hurt extremely bad I soon fell to my knees and knew I was going to die. They kept pecking me my back was throbbing. Then it all stopped I didn't feel a thing. I was in the sky I saw the beautiful land of North America. There were no disruptions on the surface on the land. I then saw gates, beautiful gates of gold.

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