Halloween Movie Night


Scary: We are going to have the scariest movies ever.

Movies: The movies are going to be so out of this world.They are watching you. So scary you might pee your pants.

Fun: We are going to have a fun time with tons of snacks and getting to know each other at Spooky Wood Park.

This is a one time event,it is really fun and we can't wait to see all of you guys come.

Be ready to stay up and have fun.

  • When: Friday, October 30th.
  • Where: Spooky Woods
  • Admission: $2 a person
  • Times: 7pm till 6am

             For more information call 850-3221

(Ps  you can bring your own snacks if you want,and you can wear your pajamas,you also can bring blankets and chairs)

Hope to see you there!

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