2013 was a year ill never forget

I just ate lunch up there

in 2013 i went to Paris. in Paris i ate lunch on top of the Eiffel tower. the view was amazing.

Dis French guy likes to smell soda I'm stocking in France I have 30 pics of people

in Paris i stocked people and took pictures of them. this is one of my favorite pictures. this guy is smelling his coca-cola.

another thing i did in 2013 is go to africa. i saw lots of animals like lioons. i also fed baby cheetas and let a serval suck my thumb.

Omfg!! I just met David Henry

in 2013 i met David Henry. and found out that i live near his grandmother. he is really nice.

in 2013 i made my first vine. it is a flower. and i love how it turned out.

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