the Case of the Stolen Bobby Flay

by: Cindy H. and Scarlett M.

The Crime

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society holds different events at certain times of the year, but at this one event, the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball, a bunny has been stolen! This particular bunny is named Bobby Flay. So far, only Bobby Flay has been kidnapped, but the volunteers and staff at TGBHS (The Greater Birmingham Humane Society) are devastated. We (Ashley and Sammy) are investigating the crime from Friday, when the kidnapping occurred. Some other news we had received from the police and the TGBHS staff, was that some supplies for bunnies had been stolen too.

The Puzzling Question

Who stole the Bobby Flay (and the bunny supplies) from The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (TGBHS) and who would have a heart to do such a thing?

Meet the Detectives

Hi! My name is Sammy, and I'm twelve. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, next door by my BFF. Volunteering at TGBHS is fun, because I LOVE animals. People tell me that I'm adventurous and I know I am (just not heights). Science is my next favorite thing. Ashley (my BFF) and I do science experiments together, and once we accidentally caught my short red hair on fire. (My mom told me it was pretty ugly.) Everyone at school made fun of it, but Ashley and I just laughed, because it was hilarious how it happened with the explosion and all. We aren't allowed to do those experiments inside, so my mom says, "I've told you a million times not to do experiments anymore!" Now we do them at Ashley's house and have snacks while we're at it. There's nothing like a warm cookie on a fall day. Okay, I have to stop being a control hog, so here's Ashley.

Hello! My name is Ashley, (the best friend that Sammy was talking about). I live in Birmingham, Alabama, right next door to my best friend Sammy. I love playing with animals and giving them hope, especially after they have been left behind or just have had a bad life. It gives me a bundle of happiness when they get a loving, caring home. By the way, I also volunteer at TGBHS with my best friend Sammy. After school, we go home, do our homework and go straight to TGBHS. I also love science, so in our free time, we do many experiments and always eat a ton of snacks while we do it. Since Sammy caught her hair on fire once... we have kinda stuck with the non-flammable experiments just to be safe, even if we have adult supervision (which we have for almost every experiment depending on what it is).

Both of us loved the 2nd Annual Jazz Cat Ball show, and when we found out about the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball Show, well, how could we miss it?

How we became the most beautimous detectives ever for this crime

We had gone to the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball and had stayed after the show to help out with the animals, when we heard a scream and then shouting (which we could barely make out). The person who shouted as loud as a megaphone was saying "Bobby Flay is missing! What are we going to do?!" As soon as we heard that, there was no way you could keep us off this case.

Suspect #1: Mrs. Karis Allen

DESCRIPTION: Ms. Allen is a 6th grade reading/language arts/math teacher. She is not too tall, but not to short, with short, brown hair. This particular teacher has a son who plays baseball. It's rumored that the Allens have a pet guinea pig or hamster, just some rodent thing. Also, the Allens love BBQ.

MOTIVE: "My son wants a bunny as badly as the hare wanted to beat the tortoise," she had said. But the question is, does he want it bad enough that his mother would steal it?

ALIBI: "I was with Ms. Ramsay for dinner at Saw's BBQ from 6:45-7:30 P.M. No way possible I could have stolen a bunny then. After eating with her I went to the Red Mountain Plaza Shopping Center to do some shopping, but I still can't believe you would accuse me of a crime like this! "

Suspect #2: Ms. Julie Ramsay

DESCRIPTION: Ms. Ramsay is a 6th grade reading/language arts teacher. Our reading teacher is average height, with short reddish-brown hair. Mr. and Ms. Ramsay have no children (that Sammy and I know about). One thing about Ms. Ramsay-she's very secretive. No one really knows about her life outside of school.

MOTIVE: "I've always wanted to see what it would be like to have a bunny, and partly because I'm just so awesome." Is that want great enough to steal Bobby Flay?

ALIBI: "I was with Ms. Allen at Saw's BBQ eating dinner from 6:00- 7:05 P.M. Why would I ditch my friend to go steal a bunny? Also, my purse had been stolen a week before, and after I had eaten, I decided to go to the police and tell them what had happened and what the glimpse of the person I had seen had looked like. So why would I bother worrying about a bunny for a pet more than I would my purse?"

Suspect #3: Ms. Shelly Abrams

DESCRIPTION: Ms. Abrams is a 6th grade social studies/science teacher. She is tall with miles and miles of long, dirty-blonde hair. She likes to wear ribbons in that hair. Suspect #3 has two daughters and a son. It's rumored that young Mr. Abrams has recently gotten injured in a car accident.

MOTIVE: A while ago, the Abrams' bunny died, and they really want a new one. Her children plead to Ms. Abrams all the time, saying, "Mommy! Why can't we get a bunny? We'll even pay for it!"

ALIBI: "I was at the Harlem Globetrotters game," Ms. Abrams said, "with my family. At 7. My husband loves them. How could I possibly steal a bunny while I'm at a Harlem Globetrotters game? Also, why would I if my evil sweetheart children were with me all day?"

Suspect #4: Ms. Stacy McDaniel

DESCRIPTION: Ms. McDaniel is a 6th grade math teacher, although she teaches math 7 and advanced math for 6th grade too. This math teacher is tall, with shoulder-length brown hair. Sometimes, she wears ribbons in her hair that go with her outfit. But she has a criminal record. She "accidentally" stole a credit card and charged like a gazillion dollars on it, and yet people claim she's sweet. Suspect #4 has a son and daughter, one in kindergarten and one in first grade (both are adorable!).

MOTIVE: "My kids have been wanting a cute little bunny for a while. They want one that looks like a snowflake. They also are recently dying for one because some of their friends have been bragging to them that their parents got them a bunny. Plus on top of all that, I would've bought them one, but we don't have money right now to adopt one and take care of it."

ALIBI: "I was at the The Purple Stride Run when it started at 6:00 A.M. My dad had cancer, so I try to help other people with it, because I know how tough it can be," says Ms. McDaniel. "There were lots of staff at the Purple Stride Run you can ask to see if I was there."

The Actual Story

"My co-worker, Beth, had just asked me to clean several bunny cages (which smell like the gassiest horse barn ever) at the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball, because we were short-staffed. I grabbed my friend Ashley and we started working. The others were helping at the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball. So after I went and cleaned Rachael Ray's cage, I found that Bobby Flay was missing! All of the staff are under a contract that says that if they steal an animal, they go to prison longer than the average person, so (obviously) none of the staff did it. Ashley and I felt guilty because we were not there when it happened, and instead, we were at the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball. Please help us find out who stole Bobby Flay!"

At the crime scene was found: a single purple ribbon with the initials S.A.


"Ah yes. Sammy and Ashley is it? We got your call. You wanted to see us?" Ms. Ramsay asked, while Ms. Allen was next to her.

"Yes. See, you both said you met the other for dinner at Saw's BBQ on Saturday. But, Ms. Allen, you said that you were there from 6:45-7:30 P.M. And you, Ms. Ramsay told us that you were there from 6:00-7:05 P.M.," Ashley and I said together. "How is this possible?"

"Uh. Well. I'm not going to answer to some 8 year old girls. I want a lawyer," Ms. Allen replied grumpily.

"As do I. Why should we answer to you?" Ms. Ramsay agreed. Then they both got up and left.


"You called?" Ms. McDaniel inquired.

"Yes. Do you mind if we ask you a couple questions?" Ashley asked.

"No, not at all. As long as we get done by 11:30. My daughter has a dentist appointment."

"A single ribbon was found at the crime scene of the 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball. You like to sometimes wear ribbons in your hair, if they match your outfit. Can you tell us what color was in your hair on Saturday?" Sammy finished.

"Ummmm...I cannot remember back 3 million years ago!" she replied hesitantly.

"We interviewed some of your students, and they said the ribbon you wore was green, is that true?"

"I'm telling you, I can't remember!"


"Ms. Abrams, are you involved in any suspicious activity?" Ashley asked.

"Why no, honey buns," she sweetly replied.

"Where were you the night of December 13?"

"Well, first, I was at the grocery, then I had to go to the doctor, then go to-" she rambled on.

"Where were you at 7 P.M. to 12 A.M.?" I asked, sounding not so nice.

"Oh! You mean then! Silly me, I thought you meant, like 4:30. Whoopsie daisies! I was eating dinner at home from 6-7, then about 10:30, I went to sleep," she replied.

"Is there any witnesses to make us believe this is true?" I inquired.

"No, my husband and kids are visiting family in England," Ms. Abrams said hesitantly.


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