What Major lesson was learned from living in Kabul?

If i was Parvana the major life lesson that i learned from living in Kabul is that you have to work and earn everything, and that nothing comes free. i also learned that you have to make sacrifices in life in order to get items like food and clothing etc.

Parvana had to dress as a boy (Aka Kaseem) in order for her to gain money for her family because her father got put in jail because females cant use the market and cant work. but since she is dressing as a boy she can use the market and get money for her family everyday.

Parvana was so desperate to gain money for her family that she went as far as digging up bones of her own ancestors to use the bones to make new things to sell on the market. her mom wasn't okay with it and told her to stop but she said no and continued to dig for bones.

Kaseem went to the stadium and tried selling cigarettes for money but while she was there she saw someone tied up getting tortured and while the man was getting tortured a little kid was watching and laughing about it.

Overall i have learned that living in Kabul is very difficult and that if you don't work hard and make sacrifices you and your family wont have the ability to live a happy life.

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