The steps of the rock cycle

Weathering and erosion

Erosion- is when wind ,water or ice transports soil and sediment from one location to another.

Weathering-is when wind water and ice break down rock.

Here is a image of weathering and erosion.

Transport and deposition

Deposition -is the process of being laid down or dropped.

Here is a picture of transport and deposition


is the process of a sedimentary rock would be

Here is a picture of sedimentation

Compaction and Cementation

Occurs when the sediments bind together or for compaction they would compress together in the process of forming a sedimentary rock

Here is a picture of compaction and cementation

Sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rock -rock formed from sediments compacting and sedimenting together .This type of rock has layers.

Here is a picture of a sedimentary rock

Burial high temperature and Pressure

Metamorphic rock

Metamorphic rock-extreme heat and pressure causing one rock type to become another.

Here is a picture of a metamorphic rock


Melting occurs when a rock is under high heat and pressure causing it to melt and turn into a different rock when it cools.

Magma from molten crust and mantle

This is what forms the intrusive extrusive igneous rocks because depending on how far the magma is from earths surface or crust and mantle or surface determines whether it is a extrusive igneous or a intrusive.

Here is a image  of magma molten crust and mantle


This is what forms igneous rocks because when the volcano erupts the magma cools at earths surface causing igneous rocks to form.

Here is a image of magma what igneous rocks are formed from

Intrusive igneous rock

Intrusive igneous rock -is a igneous rock that was formed by magma below the surface so it is below the surface.

Here are two images showing this one is how they are formed another shows you where the rock is formed.

Extrusive igneous rock

extrusive igneous rock-is a igneous rock that was formed by lava at or near the earths surface so it is either near or at earths surface.

Here are two images one showing how they are formed and the other showing where they are formed.

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