Ten Tips for Living in the Arabian Peninsula

The desert

Tip #1.  Be prepared before you travel in the desert. Pack water and food, because it is scarce.

Tip #2. Bring a camel with you when you're traveling in the desert, they can carry heavy loads and can go days without nourishment. They are also used to carrying heavy loads and will have no problem carrying it.

Tip #3. Wear a headdress, it protects you from the dust, heat, and insects.

Tip #4. If you're traveling a long distance, consider bringing a herd of animals with you. They can carry your load and provide you with a food and clothing source if needed.


Tip #1. You can dig a deep well into the ground to get more water for crops.

Tip #2. If you want to settle at an oasis you can build your home out of palm wood, and since lots of palm trees grow there, you shouldn't run out-you could also grow more.

Coastal Plains

Tip #1. The land is very fertile so you can grow lots of crops.

Tip #2. The area is very good if you want to trade by sea.

The mountains

Tip #1. Use the terrace farming method to grow the most crops.

Tip #2. Making shelter out of mud bricks is effective because you have lots of land to form the bricks out of.

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